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Zero wait time/No unanswered calls

Waiting for the operator to pick up the phone is a thing of the past! Aidline manages hundreds of parallel calls simultaneously, which leaves no room for busy lines or a lack of staff.

Pleasant atmosphere – Ja bih ovo nazvala No waiting room crowds

By enabling remote communication and appointment management, Aidline reduces the need for patients to physically wait in crowded waiting rooms.

Maximized Productivity (Less staff more work done - radni naziv)

With Aidline taking over the tasks of providing services over the phone, clinics can achieve higher productivity levels, accomplishing more with fewer staff members.

Anytime, from anywhere 

Aidline works even when the clinics don’t! You can call this voice assistant anytime, any day of the week, and anywhere you are at that moment, and know that Aidline will always pick up!

No overtime, no overload

Aidline takes over the repetitive task of answering the phone, taking that burden off the staff and enabling them to focus on patient care and have a better work-life balance.

Easy data access 

Aidline offers easy data access – by integrating with the clinic’s existing EHR system, the staff can access patient and scheduling information like they used to, but without having to enter it themselves.


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The engineers are great

"Science Technology Park in Niš, within the Living Lab service available to the Park’s members, is one of the first users of the Aidline Platform.

This innovative solution has streamlined our meeting coordination process, leaving more time for us to focus on other important matters.

Also, the professionalism and responsibility exhibited by Naissus technologies should undoubtedly be highlighted – they are always available for support and prepared to work on perfecting their product to meet users’ needs.

The additional value of the Aidline Platform are its intuitive user interface and usability, which makes the process of reservation much faster."

dr Milan randjelovic
Director at Science Technology Park, Niš Serbia
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Unleashing Operational Efficiency with Aidline

"As a business developer in the IT industry, I can safely say that the integration of Aidline into software solutions will be a game changer.

Aidline’s advanced AI capabilities are revolutionary for operational efficiency, enabling automated appointment scheduling, improved diagnostic accuracy and personalized patient communication.

The impact on business and the quality of care it provides is outstanding. Aidline is a truly powerful tool that has propelled us forward in a competitive healthcare environment."

Branko Krsmanovic
Senior Business Advisor at JustStart, Niš Serbia
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The next-gen healthcare software

"As an active participant in the innovative journey of developing the AIDLINE project, I had the incredible opportunity to witness firsthand its transformative potential for improving patient care and streamlining doctor workloads.

The seamless integration of natural spoken dialogue and the intuitive understanding of caller intent in AIDLINE fosters meaningful conversations that created a genuine sense of empathy, understanding, and connection.

Being deeply involved in the AIDLINE project was an immensely rewarding experience that further solidified my belief in its immense value. I wholeheartedly recommend AIDLINE to healthcare institutions striving to enhance patient experiences, optimize resource allocation, and drive operational efficiency."

Aleksandar stamenkovic
Senior Project Advisor at JustStart, Niš, Serbia

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